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If you're tired of trying to meet people on nights out in bars, or in your local pub, then online dating is for you! No matter whether you're looking for love, romance, a soulmate, or just friendship, we can help as we have over 1.6 million active profiles to choose from.

These days peoples free time is at a premium and it can be hard to meet someone; even if you do, will they share the same interests and beliefs that could lead to you having a happy, long-term relationship? Join Find Me Dates and use our fantastic search features to meet new friends, find a soulmate, or simply meet up online with people sharing similar interests and beliefs to you.

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Search for dates by age, location and more & view personals from thousands of other singles. Wink, e-mail or use our instant messenger for real-time, one-to-one chats. You can send a free Ice breaker message to dozens of members at the same time, or use our other site features to really get your personality across!

We are an established internet dating website with personal ads and photo/video profiles for UK singles & offer a full range of services such as LIVE CHAT/IM, online flirting, safe and confidential e-mail, as well as a thorough area based search system, allowing singles to find a perfect match locally.

Register and create a free profile for yourself, add pictures and start searching the site - it's completely safe, secure and confidential! You can join in the normal way by using your e-mail address, or via your Facebook account!!

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Prefer to chat via SMS on your phone? Then why not try our great text chat service. Text, chat, date and flirt with other singles in the UK via SMS direct to your mobile. It's simple to use, all you need to do is text the word FINDME to 66365 to join the text party now!

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Find Me Dates Offers:

Video profiles
Video Profiles

View video profiles of UK singles - a great way to connect with someone and a reason why people stay longer on our dating site. Why not record your own?!
Chat & Instant Messaging
Who's Online, IM & Video Chat

See who's online & chat to other people on the site in real time via IM. Members also love video chat, as it means that they can check the photos that were posted to a profile are up to date!
Introduce Yourself - targeted Ice Breaker message
'Introduce Yourself' - The New Refined Ice Breaker

Our 'Introduce Yourself' feature gives you the opportunity to send a free message to members who appear in your search results. This means you can be more specific & target exactly what you are looking for when using your ice breaker.
Search singles profiles
Advanced Searching

Use our advanced searching criteria to narrow down your search - by age, location and more, allowing you to find people within a specific distance from where you live.
Yes, No, Maybe picture voting

Just like “Yes, No, Maybe” on Facebook, Encounters is the new, fun way for you to let us know who you like. See pics of other members, tell us who you like the look of & we'll let you know if the feeling's mutual!
Dating experiences
Member Blogs / Diaries

Our users can create online diaries of their dating experiences. Many use this as a blog, helping to enhance the site community & reflect their personalities.
Send virtual gifts to members
Virtual Gifts

Send and receive virtual gifts, using our credits system. These gifts are a fun addition to our dating service & are really valued by our visitors.
Personality Profiling
Personality Profiling

Sometimes cupid just isn't enough, so to ensure that our you are being matched to suitable characters, we offer compatibility matching, based on individual personality tests and star sign compatibility reports
Web Cam dating profile pictures
Web Cam Profile Photos

You can now upload profile pictures from your web cam. It's proven that a dating profile with a picture gets a better response than one without, so we're making it as easy as possible for you to add one.
UK Customer Care Team
UK Customer Care & Dedicated Fraud Team

We are the only dating company in the UK to have a Customer Care and Moderation Team based in our UK HQ. The team is focused on protecting members against scammers and fake profiles, as well as introducing new security checks & constantly working and developing ways to stop fraudulent behaviour.

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